Gear Disc Pendant
Gear Disc Pendant
Gear Disc Pendant

Gear Disc Pendant

Buddha Cat Pottery

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Rustic-looking rusty-looking steampunk pendant disc. Is that an aurora I see in the glaze of the purply side? I'm gonna to picture myself in Iceland wearing this ode to Viking forbearers. Sometimes while writing product descriptions I go on a tangent reading about viking longhouses and the way people lived in small villages of 6-7 farms and then I remember I was trying to write a product description. #squirrel! 

Handmade item

Ancient Jasper, Obsidian, Smokey Merlot, Snow, Clear Glaze on red clay 

Necklace length: Black Waxed Cotton Cord ~16" 

Pendant Height: 1.7 inch

Pendant Width: 1.7 inch

Materials: Ceramic, Waxed Cotton, Nichrome wire jump ring


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