Welcome to my come as you are, you gotta start somewhere, I can't keep or give away everything I make because it's too much (or I don't have enough friends!) ;), covid-19 cottage industry, do your part stay home make art, boho ceramic jewelry business tentatively named Buddha Cat Pottery, for my love of secular Buddhism and all things feline. Here you will find snark, whimsy, contemplation, colors, earthiness, goddesses, nature, nods to the animal kingdom.

My name is Meriaten Long (artist at Buddha Cat Pottery) and I have been doing pottery for just over 2 years at my community art center with a tight-knit group of potters I consider my Duvall Ceramics Guild. Until now I have given most things away, but now that I have inundated friends and family, I find myself with an ever-growing inventory and no end in sight as this hobby has become more full-time than part-time.