• Cat figurine (random)

    Cat figurine (random)

    Not necessarily one pictured, come in all different kinds of clay and glaze, I can try to accommodate preferences if you reach out to me

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  • Chicken Figurine

    Chicken Figurine

    Chicken figurine, about the size of a baby carrot Random clay and glazes, will be a surprise unless you order one custom (customs take ~8 weeks)

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  • Custom Dog Love Hanging Art

    Custom Dog Love Hanging Art

    4-5 charms - dog, heart(s), paw, bone Customs take about 8 weeks to finish

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  • Custom Garden Charms

    Custom Garden Charms

    6 ceramic disks connected to each other with copper wire and finished with a tin bell  Takes about 8 weeks from design to completion, limited number available Roughly 18 inches long, 3 inches wide, .4 inches deep

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  • Rainbow slug

    Rainbow slug

    Rainbow Slug not necessarily one pictured, but will be rainbow-colored and will be a slug

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  • Tiny Gnome

    Tiny Gnome

    Random Gnome from my collection - ceramic, about 3 inches tall, hole in the bottom for sticking on a skewer in a plant

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