• Hexagon Tea Ball Rest (floral)

    Hexagon Tea Ball Rest (floral)

    Well, I'll be! It's a thing for Tea! I may be just a teensy bit tea-crazy. I would fit right in where they serve black tea with sugar and milk. In fact, sometimes I feel a little bit British. Of course, you could use this tray for whatever you want. Like to hold a candle, jewelry, soap, or a ceramic slug family. roughly 4 x 4 inches Goldstone clay, various mid-fire glazes

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  • Blue Bee Trinket Dish

    Blue Bee Trinket Dish

    Waves and Bees, buzzabunga, Dude 3.5 by 4 inches

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  • Tiny Steampunk Trinket Dish

    Tiny Steampunk Trinket Dish

    It's the baby version of my bigger steampunk trinket dish! It could probably hold a pair of earrings or so. 2.5 inches long 2.5 inches wide 0.6 inches tall

    $6.00 $12.00 On Sale