• Hexagon Air Plant Holder

    Hexagon Air Plant Holder

    Comes with included faux air plant (the easiest to not have die, but feel free to replace with a live one or something else that might fit in the little hole (.4 inch wide) Designed to hang on the wall vashon white clay green and white speckle polished hemp cord 5 x 5 inches

  • Fox Faux Plant Holder

    Fox Faux Plant Holder

    See what I did there? oh haha I crack myself up Sweet little fox planter or pen holder whatever thing, comes with purple faux plant pictured reddish-brown glaze with hints of purple 2.5 inches diameter 3.5 inches tall

  • Parrotlet Wall Planter

    Parrotlet Wall Planter

    Green Parrotlet Wall Planter with fake air plant included with hole for hanging on wall 4.8 by 3 inches  

  • yellow tealight in white glazed planter

    Arctic Hare Planter

    A little white hare tealight holder with yellow cactus tealight included. Hexagon, white glaze on speckled clay roughly 2 by 3 inches  

  • Wall Air Plant Holder

    Wall Air Plant Holder

    It's a wall pocket for your tiny plants. I like to use air plants real or artificial. This one is seaweed and oatmeal glaze on goldstone clay. 4.2 inches long 3.3 inches wide 1.5 inches tall

  • Really just a decoration Steampunk Box

    Really just a decoration Steampunk Box

    This is just a decoration to go on a shelf with other steampunk related objects. You could put something very small in it though, like a little chocolate or a tootsie roll or something. 3.5 inches tall 2 inches wide

  • Frilly Jabot Vase

    Frilly Jabot Vase

    or Toothpick Holder, Pen holder, Matches holder, etc Blue glaze on Goldstone clay 2.5 inches tall 1.5 inches wide

  • blue triple bud vase holding fake succulents

    Blue Tornado Triple Bud Vase

    Twisty Twisty - this springy tornado will hold 3 fake or real buds This one was fun to make and I should make more. Blue and Cream Glaze on Goldstone clay 2.7 inches tall 3.5 inches wide

  • Squid Tentacle Trio of Vases

    Squid Tentacle Trio of Vases

    Tall, Medium, and Short Bud Vases in Blues, Greens and Purples You know, it's harder to find a cuttlefish stamp than you think. Blue, Green and Purple glazes on Goldstone clay Tall - 4.8 inches tall, 1.2 inches wide Medium - 3.5 inches tall, 1 inch wide Short - 1.7 inches tall, 2 inches wide

  • Gothic Triple Bud Vase

    Gothic Triple Bud Vase

    Again this is primarily for decoration and for fake plants or flowers (it just doesn't hold much water) Does anyone else use faux plants as much as I do? Maybe not, le sigh. Greens, Purples, Black, Sparkly Glazes on Goldstone clay 4.5 inches long 2.5 inches high

  • Wave Vase for a little flower

    Wave Vase for a little flower

    It's a vase the size of a shot glass in my err...shot glass vase collection. with waves on it! #putawaveonit 2.6 inches tall 1.9 inches wide  

  • Thistle Vase

    Thistle Vase

    Called that because I carved my own texture roller with a little thistle and the thistle ended up on the stripe of blue I put on the side seam. It's a little bit of a seek and find if you want to look for the dragonfly in the stripe of smokey merlot too. Blues, Cream and Maroon on goldstone clay 2.4 inches tall 2 inches wide